Bauer, Tilman; Carlson, Magnus

Tensor Products of Affine and Formal Abelian Groups

Doc. Math. 24, 2525-2582 (2019)
DOI: 10.25537/dm.2019v24.2525-2582
Communicated by Mike Hill


In this paper we study tensor products of affine abelian group schemes over a perfect field \(k\). We first prove that the tensor product \(G_1 \otimes G_2\) of two affine abelian group schemes \(G_1,G_2\) over a perfect field \(k\) exists. We then describe the multiplicative and unipotent part of the group scheme \(G_1 \otimes G_2\). The multiplicative part is described in terms of Galois modules over the absolute Galois group of \(k\). We describe the unipotent part of \(G_1 \otimes G_2\) explicitly, using Dieudonné theory in positive characteristic. We relate these constructions to previously studied tensor products of formal group schemes.

Mathematics Subject Classification

14L17, 16W30, 14L05


Dieudonné theory, affine group schemes, tensor products, formal groups


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Bauer, Tilman
Department of Mathematics, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Lindstedtsvägen 25, 10044 Stockholm, Sweden
Carlson, Magnus
Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel